Your first visit to Richard P Charmoy’s office establishes a vital foundation for our relationship with you. During the first visit, we make sure to obtain important background information, like your medical history, and give you time to get to know your doctor. To understand what to expect for your first visit to our practice, please read through this page. You’ll find all the practical information you need, such as a map and directions to our office, practice hours, payment policies and more. There’s also background information about our committed staff and our first visit procedures. You can even save some time at your first visit by printing out and completing the patient forms in advance of your appointment.

Please answer YES or NO to each statement that applies.



• I’ve been told that I snore.
• I’ve been told that I stop breathing when I sleep, although I may not remember this when I wake up.
• I feel sleepy during the day even though I slept through the night.
• I have been told that I have high blood pressure.
• I’ve been told that I am a restless sleeper – that I toss and turn a lot.
• I sweat excessively during the night.
• I frequently awaken with headaches.
• I am overweight and/or am gaining weight.
• I seem to be losing my sex drive.


If you answered three or more of the statements above, you show symptoms of sleep apnea, a disorder that causes you to stop breathing during sleep. Call 908.722.9266 to schedule an appointment today.